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At Tom Cherry Mufflers we do more.

Since 1946 we have taken care of your exhaust, brakes, shocks, and struts as well as mufflers. We will even pick your car up and deliver it back to you. Want an estimate first? The estimate is free and complete, installation included. With over 150 years of combined experience, at Tom Cherry Mufflers you can expect quality service at a price that”s right for you.

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Address: 321 W. 8th Street, Muncie, IN 47302

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commerical bay homebox

We only work with the best mufflers, brakes, struts, and shocks.  We also work on large commercial Vehicles and custom pipe bending.  More

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Tom Cherry was a Legendary Auto Racer.  He was also a brilliant promotor, mechanic, fabricator, and businessman .  More

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